WEST VIRGINIA—Catholic Distance University’s new faculty member Brandon Harvey will teach ENG 111 Introduction to Literature in the Winter II term, which begins March 14. Students who complete this eight-week, online course will become familiar with some of the works of the great authors of the past and become comfortable conversing about them to explore the ideas of today. With the addition of this course, BA degree completion students can now complete all nine of their required English Language Arts credits at CDU. ENG 111 is an initial survey of the importance of literature and some of the great works of Imaginative Literature. Harvey will lead students through an examination of texts that provide examples of different literary forms and genres from various time periods to engage the Great Conversation of Western Civilization through such literature but also within the Catholic Tradition. Students will engage these masterpieces through both critical and reflective reading to develop and analyze key ideas. Visit cdu.edu/upcoming-terms/ for a full list of courses, and e-mail admissions@cdu.edu or call 1-888-254-4CDU with questions.