Wheeling University to Close Residence Halls, Extend Online Instruction

WHEELING — Following the announcement by Gov. Jim Justice of the first confirmed case of coronavirus in West Virginia and his additional measures to contain its spread, Wheeling University has taken additional steps that require all students to move off campus by 5 p.m. March 22.
Ginny R. Favede, president of Wheeling University, said: “Due to the changes made by the Governor to contain the virus’ spread, we are taking these additional steps to help flatten the Coronavirus transmission rate. This decision is reflective of our commitment to the safety and best interest of our students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community.”
The administration, faculty and staff will be available to assist students in moving from their residence halls to an environment where social distancing can be implemented successfully, she added. The university has sent information to all students outlining the procedures for checking out of their residence hall. Those instructions can be found on the Wheeling University coronavirus webpage.
All course instruction will continue online through the end of the semester and final exams will be delivered online as well, Favede added. The Bishop Hodges Library, Student Success Center, computer labs, classrooms and athletic facilities will be closed as of 5 p.m. March 22. All WU offices will continue to remain open to assist students during this time of transition. WU has suspended all campus events, campus visits and other conferences until further notice.
Additionally, due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the spread of the Coronavirus, the University’s May 2 commencement and its surrounding activities will be postponed.
“As we work through these devastating times, we will look to reschedule the dates sometime during the summer. I know this is difficult news for our students, but there is one promise I will make – our seniors will have a commencement. It is possible the format may have to change, but there will be a day that I will hand each graduate their well-earned diploma,” said Favede.
Wheeling University’s top priority, Favede said, “is to protect and safeguard our greatest assets – our students, faculty and staff.”
“We appreciate the patience, flexibility and partnership of the Wheeling University community during this challenging time. These events remind us of the importance of remaining strong as a community and care for one another. Our prayers are with the individuals in West Virginia and around the globe who are directly impacted by the Coronavirus at this time,” Favede said.