Wheeling Parish to Host World Marriage Day Mass & Dinner

WHEELING—St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Wheeling will hold a spcial celebration for World Marriage Day Feb. 10 with Mass and a candlelight dinner. The event is open to members of St. Vincent de Paul and other area churches to celebrate the sacrament of marriage. The evening will begin with Mass at 5 p.m. in the church. Couples who do not wish to participate in the Mass can meet in the adjacent Marist Center at 6 p.m. After Mass, couples will have the opportunity to renew their marriage vows as a group in the Marist Center. A dinner by candlelight will follow. Special recognition will be made to the most recently married couple and the couple who has been married the longest. A special couple will share their years of commitment to the sacrament of marriage. Couples are encouraged to bring and display their wedding pictures and albums for all to enjoy. Reservations will be accepted until Feb. 7. The cost for the evening is $45 per couple. For reservations or additional information, call any of the following: Derek or Madelyn Reed at (304) 242-8156, Dennis or Brenda Beiter at (304) 238-4904, or John or Dorothy Dudzik at (304) 243-1104.