Wheeling Hospital Named One of America’s Top 100 SafeCare Hospitals; Criteria Includes Lowest Rates of Infections

WHEELING—Wheeling Hospital ranks among the safest health care organizations in the nation, according to the SafeCare Group.

Among the more than 4,500 acute care organizations in the U.S., only 100 made the cut, including Wheeling Hospital. It was named to the most recent “100 SafeCare Hospitals” list. No other hospital in the region or the state of West Virginia made the list.

“There are several factors considered for this recognition. Among them is the ability to keep in-hospital and surgical infection rates very low. These types of accomplishments are due to our staff members’ commitment to maintaining a premium level of patient care. They deserve our thanks,” said Ron Violi, Wheeling Hospital chief executive officer.

Involved in the SafeCare selection process is a comprehensive analysis of publicly available data from the more than 4,500 acute care organizations. SafeCare Group, based in Lexington, Ky., made its selections based on more than 30 key measures covering the triple aims of excellence in health care: quality, patient safety and efficiency of care.

Heidi Porter, Wheeling Hospital’s director of Quality Management, said, “Triple aim is a framework developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) to derive better health care value and quality. IHI research shows that focusing on three critical objectives simultaneously can lead to better models for providing health care.”

Wheeling Hospital Chief Medical Officer Dr. Angelo Georges said the SafeCare Group researches data to determine the top 100 hospitals that have the lowest risk-adjusted rates of complications in medical and surgical care; lowest rates of in-hospital infections; lowest rates of surgical infections; lowest risk-adjusted in-hospital mortality rates; lowest readmission rates; lowest overutilization of radiation tests; highest care processes; and highest patient satisfaction scores.

According to SafeCare, if all U.S. hospitals attained the 100 SafeCare level, more than 100,000 deaths and 400,000 preventable complications would have been prevented.

“Helping hospitals help patients” is the mission of the SafeCare Group, which contributes to improvement in health care through innovative and analytical software tools that help hospitals provide safer care at lower costs. SafeCare also helps health care organizations meet regulatory requirements.