Video on Safety in Churches

Today we share a video highlighting procedures to keep you safe while in our Churches.
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Please, know Bishop Mark is continuing to dispense Catholics from going to Sunday Mass until further notice, so no one who fears getting sick feels guilty for not attending. Therefore, we will continue to present our televised and live streamed Masses at the Cathedral of St. Joseph and many parishes around the state.
Together we need to honor the sacredness of each person, being mindful to protect our sisters and brothers in Christ. No matter if we are together in our church or if we must remain apart, we are all united through the Trinity. As we will hear in the Gospel reading on Sunday let us all remember the words of Jesus, “I am with you always until the end of the World: – Matthew 28:20. God knows our heart and our desires.
Having to make the decision to remain away from church, when we are longing to be there, is true fasting. Those who are unable to come to worship and experience the Sacrament can offer their experience as fasting bringing graces and a deeper connection to the Lord. “Such fasting could help people toward a deepening of their personal relation to the Lord in the Sacrament; it could be an act of solidarity with all those who have a yearning for the Sacrament but cannot receive it…Spiritual hunger, like bodily hunger can be a vehicle of love,” Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI wrote in his book Pilgrim Fellowship of Faith, when he was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.
For details about the directives in place for the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston please go to the diocesan website.
Moreover, the faithful must also check in with their parishes for more specific directives to their church. It is a good time to make sure your parish office has your most current telephone number, and both mailing and email addresses, so you are up to date with any and all announcements.