The Catholic Spirit Launches E-Mail Version

By Colleen Rowan
WEST VIRGINIA—The Catholic Spirit has launched an e-mail version that is now available. Beginning with this June 5 issue, readers have the chance to receive the full edition of The Catholic Spirit delivered free to their e-mail.
By joining the e-mail list, readers will receive an e-mail on each issue date of The Catholic Spirit with a link to the full issue. Issue dates are the first and third Friday of each month. This is a day earlier than mail delivery of the print version.
The e-mail version is being made available to enhance communication, but at the same time cutting the cost of printing. Joining the e-list gives readers the option to receive The Catholic Spirit by e-mail only and to be removed from the list to receive the print version if they choose. However, they may receive both the print and e-mail versions if this is what they prefer.
To be added to the e-list, those interested must send an e-mail to with “The Catholic Spirit e-list” in the subject line. Preference should be noted in their e-mail request by saying: “E-mail only, and remove me from print mailing list” or “I would like both print and e-mail ver-sions.”
Those who do not wish to receive the e-mail version and only want the print version do not need to take any action. The print version of The Catholic Spirit will continue to be delivered to them free of charge.
Beginning with the June 5 issue, the electronic version of every issue of The Catholic Spirit will now be available under “Downloadable Spirit” at