TEC – Teens Encounter Christ

Building a Movement in West Virginia

WEST VIRGINIA—TEC is a Catholic spiritual renewal movement that has been operating throughout dioceses in the United States and Canada for about 50 years. The goal of the movement is very simple: bring young people into personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It requires a faithfully formed and dedicated group of adults who are called to live out their faith by ministering to young people. The primary method used for reaching teens spiritually and opening their hearts to Christ is the overnight retreat. These events are usually held from a Friday evening until the following Monday morning. The purpose of the retreat is singular: provide an opportunity for young people to encounter the love of God in Jesus Christ, in the context of a Catholic faith community. Historically, there have been a number of separate and distinct TEC groups in the diocese. Though they have done great ministry separately, they have operated rather too independently. The groups operated in a siloed fashion, in different clusters of parishes, leaving large areas of the state not ministered to. The goal now is to unify the different groups in order to pool our resources, organize and systematize our efforts, and plan for the future as a united front. We’re working to establish a diocesan-wide pastoral plan for reaching as many teens as possible across the entire state, through the TEC movement. We’re building now an infrastructure of trained and experienced adult personnel, along with robust resources, so that the spiritual movement can take hold throughout the entire diocese and flourish for years to come.