TEC stands for Teens Encounter Christ. TEC is an international, spiritual-renewal movement in the Catholic Church that strives to bring young people and adults into close, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. TEC is a community, led by the Holy Spirit, that gathers people into Christian groups of faith, while attempting to incorporate its ministry into the overall ministry of their members’ dioceses and parishes. The primary method employed to gather people into Christian community and form them in the Christian life is that of the weekend retreat. At the weekend retreat, which usually runs from Friday evening to Monday afternoon, the participants are led into Christ’s Paschal Mystery, through a combination of presentations, activities, talks, prayer, community building, and liturgy. With the Paschal Mystery as the movement’s fundamental point of theological focus, participants on the retreats are shown God’s great love for them, through a close consideration of Jesus Christ’s suffering, death, and resurrection. They are shown how to incorporate Christ’s Paschal Mystery into their own faith lives, through a calling to die to sin and self, in order to rise to New Life in the Spirit. They are also empowered to bring back to their communities the great gift of God’s love and Spirit that they encountered on their retreat. Once initiated into the movement through attending a weekend retreat, the participant becomes an informal member of a Catholic community within the Church that endeavors to live the Christian life and bring others into relationship with Jesus Christ through His Church. The Spirit encountered, energy built, and community established at the retreats never die. They flow over into the wider community throughout dioceses and within parishes. The TEC community also itself maintains its identity through gatherings and events that continue beyond the retreats. The next TEC retreat that will take place in the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston will be held from Friday, January 14th to Monday, January 17th, at the St. John XXIII Pastoral Center in Charleston, West Virginia. It will be free for all teens who are in their junior year of high school through first year of college. You can register to attend or volunteer at this retreat on the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston’s website (dwc.org) and clicking Events at the top right of the home page.