Kids Plant 800 Heads of Lettuce to be Given to Those in Need

WEIRTON—On Dec. 2, Blue Stream Farms hosted secon- through fourth-grade students from St. Paul School in Weirton. The students learned about microgreens, hydroponics and aquaponics. During the field trip the students planted 800 heads of lettuce that will be donated to organizations over the holiday season that assist those in need. “It was a great day for Blue Stream Farms!” shared Joseph R. Edmiston, chief operating officer of Blue Stream Farms. “Having students in the building and getting them excited about what we do is exactly the outcome we hope for. At Blue Stream Farms students have the ability to literally watch science come to life.” In addition to planting lettuce for those in need, the students also toured the facility, named some of the organization’s 75 tilapia and asked numerous questions to gain a better understanding of how the grow process works at Blue Stream Farms. “We are very proud to have one of our local grade schools taking advantage of what we offer at Blue Stream Farms,” said Daniel B. Spickard, chief executive officer at Blue Stream Farms. “It is great to see students advance their content knowledge through our project-based learning platform.” Blue Stream Farms is open to any school in the tri-state area that would like to schedule a field trip to learn about their grow systems. For additional information on Blue Stream Farms, visit the organization’s website at:

Courtesy Photo Third-graders from St. Paul School in Weirton visit Blue Stream Farms.