St. Joseph Central Catholic High School Ends Relationship with Huntington Prep

HUNTINGTON—St. Joseph Central Catholic High School in Huntington moved today to end both its academic and athletic relationship with the Huntington Prep Academy, beginning with the academic year 2020-2021.

As the academic year draws to a close and graduation celebrations have taken place, the Huntington Prep Academy has, unfortunately, failed to uphold their financial obligations with St. Joseph Central Catholic High School leaving a large amount of unpaid tuition in arrears. Attempts to collect the agreed-upon tuition by the school, and prior to the COVID-19 era, have been futile. St. Joseph’s principal, Dr. Carol Templeton, stated that “it is a disappointing and sad end to the school year, as the school remained committed to providing each Huntington Prep student with a high-quality academic program, embedded within our Catholic values. Many of the Huntington Prep students have now graduated St. Joseph this year to play basketball at the collegiate level and we wish them all the very best.”

Dr. Templeton also stated that the teachers continued to provide instruction, conducted lessons, administered assessments, and worked with the students throughout the academic year despite an unresolved tuition balance. Templeton stated that “this is not a student issue, we remained steadfast in our commitment to our students, this, unfortunately, is an organizational issue.”

The decision to terminate the relationship was made after consultation with the school’s Advisory Council and the Department of Catholic Schools for the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston.

“St. Joseph’s has enjoyed a good relationship with the Huntington Prep Academy over the years,” Dr. Templeton said, “and we have appreciated the excitement and attention they have provided the school. However, we are a Catholic School first and foremost, and we have to fulfill our mission of educating our students.”

“During this difficult time,” she said, “St. Joseph must operate prudently in order to maintain a quality educational program for its students and to cover its costs, including the salaries of our dedicated and loyal faculty and staff.”

“Saying goodbye to the Huntington Prep Academy students is a tough decision for us, and if circumstances allow, all of the young men in the program are invited to apply for enrollment at St Joseph through the school’s enrollment process,”
Dr. Templeton said. “Our diverse and successful educational program is open to all the Huntington Prep students as well as other young men and women who seek academic rigor, service-learning opportunities, a Christ-centered environment, and a commitment to living Catholic values.”

St. Joseph Central Catholic High School’s mission is to educate the body, mind, and soul in the Catholic tradition, and to provide a safe environment in which our students can become responsible members of society.