Shepherdstown Knights of Columbus and Parishioners Reach out to Migrant Workers

SHEPHERDSTOWN—“Migrant workers form a critical element in harvesting the agricultural bounty of this region,” said officials of St. Agnes Parish in Shepherdstown. “It’s gratifying to be able to supply some of their needs in this land of plenty.” The St. Agnes Council #13887 of the Knights of Columbus in Shepherdstown once again donated hygiene kits to support an outreach program of Shenandoah Community Health that provides services to migrant workers and the homeless. To quote their website, “Shenandoah Community Health’s Special Populations Department has over 45 years of combined experience coordinating visits to migrant camps and sites where the homeless gather. [their] outreach team consists of nurses, bilingual out‐reach workers, and drivers who support this high risk and under‐served population.” The organization ensures access to health care at 28 migrant camps located throughout Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan counties in West Virginia, as well as other places in this region. As part of their outreach they provide hygiene kits. These contain essential toiletries such as toothpaste and brush, razors and shaving soap, bath soap, bath towel and wash cloth, and deodorant. This year, bandannas and masks were included. Through the generosity of the parishioners at St. Agnes Parish in Shepherdstown, and the efforts of members of the St. Agnes Council, 100 kits were assembled and delivered to Shenandoah Community Health. These kits contained materials valued in excess of $1,000. The parish and council thank Martin’s Food Store in Charles Town for supplying 100 durable, reusable shopping bags that contain the kits.