Scholarship Established in Memory of Father Schiffer

By D.F. Kratzer WEIRTON—In memory of Father Thomas E. Schiffer, who passed away April 30, St. Paul School in Weirton has established the Father Tom Scholarship Fund. The scholarship, honoring the school’s pastor of 19 years, is a permanent endowment in the West Virginia Catholic Foundation. James Lesho, principal of the school, was a student when Father Schiffer served as pastor and recalled how much he cared for children, who “flocked” to him. After Father Schiffer’s passing and in memory of his many years of love and service, “we could not think of a better thing to do than honor him with a scholarship for kids, because he was all about the kids and Catholic education,” Lesho said. Thus far, $5,000 has been donated to the fund, but more funds will be acquired in the forthcoming months, said Father Larry Dorsch, pastor of the school and St. Paul Parish in Weirton. Father Schiffer’s extensive collection of music boxes along with his collection of pictures and paintings of the Holy Family, Father Dorsch said, were donated to the school by Father Schiffer’s family with the express purpose of their use as an incentive for the scholarship. In honoring these wishes, the school will be auctioning the collection and proceeds will be placed in the scholarship endowment. The principal of the scholarship fund will remain untouched, Father Dorsch said. Instead, only the interest accrued by the fund will be used to provide scholarships. “Father Schiffer had a tremendous dedication to children and families … and specifically to the school,” Father Dorsch said, and the scholarship honors and reflects this love, providing Catholic educations for children for years to come. For more information, contact the school at 748-4163 or the parish at 748-6710.