Principals Tout One-Time Tuition Discount Program in Catholic Schools

By Tim Bishop

WHEELING—Principals in Catholic Schools across the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston are touting a new, one semester tuition discount program as a great way to help schools grow and continue to spread the Gospel. The Department of Catholic Schools for the diocese is inviting any student who wishes to attend schools within the diocese—who have openings—to join them for the second semester at a special, discounted rate. Those wishing to attend a Catholic school with an open seat will pay a one-time price of $1,000 for the second semester.

Erin Sikora, principal at St. Francis of Assisi School in St. Albans said the program offers a great Catholic education to families who may otherwise not be able to afford one. Sikora said she has already had a new student take advantage of the offer. She said there are still spaces available in some classes; however others are full. “There are so many people who would like to come to our school,” she said, “we hear that all the time. This program is giving those families an opportunity to try us—to come in and see what St. Francis of Assisi School does. We have such a great reputation in the community that so many people would love to send their children to us. So we are really doing this service for them.”

Vincent de Paul Schmidt, superintendent of schools for the diocese, said, “We realize that we have an amazing product. We realize that some people think we are too expensive or that we are at full capacity or that our schools are not for everybody. But we want everyone to know that if you want a Catholic education, we are here for you. We want you to be a part of our future. We have amazing things happening with technology, curriculum and instruction. We are offering this package to show families how great our schools are.”

This special rate is available for one semester—families will pay full tuition next year. Schmidt stressed that not every school in the diocese currently has open seats, but the program is extended to any school in the diocese that does have openings. To find a school or to find more information about the program, visit the department’s website at