Pishner’s Liturgical Music Now More Accessible

BRIDGEPORT—Stephen Pishner, the director of Music and Liturgy at All Saints Parish in Bridgeport, has just recently announced that some of the liturgical music that he’s composed and recorded is now available on many music sites on the Internet, such as itunes, spotify, cdbaby, youtube, and many more. Pishner says that about 30 digital music sites will now carry his music and the songs can be purchased and downloaded to cellphones, ipads and computers.
He said this whole adventure is kind of new to him, since he’s used to making cds. “These music sites will open more opportunity for me share what I’ve composed in a broader way,” he says.
Recently he composed two new pieces. One piece called “This Child” is a new Christmas song. It speaks of the Christ Child who comes and holds our “broken hearts and pain…and he walks the sinner and rejected, the outcast and the poor…” The refrain of the song proclaims, “Behold, God comes among us. Behold, a new way of living. A message from heaven in a tiny child. God is doing something new.” The song then invites the assembly to sing a refrain that says “O come let us adore him” which is taken from O Come All Ye Faithful. He says his intent was to create a new song for Christmas that could be sung in a variety of ways. This song was the second piece done in the Pre-Mass Carol Service the precedes the Midnight Mass at All Saints. The assembly already knew their part, since it’s familiar.
Another new song that he’s also released is called “Look Into The Eyes.” It was created from a spark of an idea that he got after readings a saying on the Internet. The phrase was “You will never look into the eyes of someone God does not love.” The author of the phrase is unknown. He said “From this one phrase, I created the rest of the song.” He said the song is an attempt to reflect on what God’s love looks like. The song has a lyric that says “It’s the love the feeds the hungry, love that lifts the lowly, the love that says welcome home.” Since releasing the recording on several music sites, he’s received a lot of good feedback. “I am glad that what I’m writing is being received well and nourishing people’s prayer-life and faith in some way.”
Pishner hopes to continue to create more music and release it online. He’s presently also preparing the printed music for these new songs. He also plans to compile all of his new pieces and still put them on a cd, since not everyone acquires their favorite music online. He says he has some ideas for the future that include ways to use this music for evenings of prayer and other similar settings.
Pishner also has liturgical music that is published by GIA Publications, Inc. He helped last summer, with the planning and music-making for the Installation Mass for Bishop Mark E. Brennan at St. Joseph Cathedral. He played the organ for that Mass and composed the psalm setting for that Mass. He is a member of the Diocesan Music Consulters group that helps with diocesan music planning and liturgies. He says he’s excited about the numerous new possibilities for his music in the future.