Pauline Year Proclaimed to Weirton Community

  By D.F. Kratzer   WEIRTON— St. Paul Parish in Weirton celebrated the beginning of the Pauline year with a procession of banners proclaiming the jubilee to the community. The largest banner, outside the church and affixed to the bell tower, announces the Pauline year celebration and the parish’s motto for the year—“Hope Will Not Disappoint,” which is taken from St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans. The image of St. Paul featured on all the banners was designed by Spencer Thomas, a parishioner who graduated from Madonna High School in Weirton this year. During the procession, parishioners carried six banners, each of which featured Thomas’ image of St. Paul that proclaimed the Pauline year. The banners now hang in the church, parish offices and St. Paul School in Weirton.   Parishioners also received prayer cards for the year, which feature three different prayers to St. Paul written by parishioners.   The Pauline year, said Father Larry Dorsch, pastor of St. Paul Parish, is an opportunity to “energize the faith of our own community and intensify our outreach,” which is “exactly what St. Paul did” as he traveled and wrote his letters to the communities he helped, which are now prominent facets of the New Testament.   The parish will continue its celebration throughout the year, hosting a number of events including a parish mission in September, a tour following St. Paul’s footsteps, a dramatization of St. Paul’s life and a musical celebrating St. Paul and delving into his writings.   The celebration of the Pauline year was promulgated by Pope Benedict XVI and is a call for the entire Catholic community to celebrate the life, ministry and writings of St. Paul.