Parkersburg Catholic High School Students Partner with CCWVa in Reaching out to Those in Need

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Courtesy Photo

Parkersburg Catholic High School students stock Catholic Charities West Virginia’s Mobile Outreach and Wellness Works Food Pantry.

PARKERSBURG—Parkersburg Catholic High School students have made helping the less fortunate in their community a top priority and have partnered with Catholic Charities West Virginia (CCWVa) in their oputreach efforts. The students conducted a food drive in November, collecting 800 pounds of food for the CCWVa Mobile Outreach & Wellness Works Food Pantry. They then decorated a float that promoted both the school and CCWVa for the Parkersburg Christmas Parade. The theme of the parade was “Christmas through the Movies”—their float was “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” The students sold pizza kits in February, and shared the $239 raised with CCWVa. Senior boys at the school spent lunch hours delivering food items collected through the Knights of Columbus’ “40 cans” for Lent program. CCWVa currently has a PCHS student who is coming to the office after school on Mondays to help sort food and do other office tasks and will continue helping this summer. The school also participated in a CCWVa DiCarlos pepperoni sale and plan to do another food drive in the fall.