One Resident, Three Staff Members Test Positive for COVID-19 at Good Shepherd Nursing Home

WHEELING — One resident and three staff members at Good Shepherd Nursing Home in Wheeling have tested positive for COVID-19.
Good Shepherd Administrator Donald R. Kirsch made the announcement July 15.
The nursing home’s 175 residents and 210 staff underwent the testing.
The resident that tested positive was the same one who tested positive earlier in the year.
Kirsch spoke with the head of Epidemiology for the State of West Virginia who stated that the CDC is starting to see more cases like this, in which an individual is “persistently positive;” furthermore, it does not appear that these individuals are capable of infecting others, but facilities should treat them as if they have the virus. Kirsch stated that the resident is now in isolation.
All three of the staff members who tested positive are asymptomatic and self-isolating at home. Asymptomatic carriers are capable of transmitting the virus to others, but less so than those who are showing symptoms.
Good Shepherd is informing residents, families and regulators of these developments. According to guidance from the West Virginia Bureau of Public Health, the nursing home must now test all residents and all staff every seven days until there is a 14-day period with no new cases.
“We are working closely with the Ohio County Health Department and the Ohio County Office of Homeland Security to accomplish this goal,” Kirsch said. “Suspension of resident visitation will continue during this period.”
He thanked staff for using proper infection control procedures, the result of which is keeping Good Shepherd residents safe. “We are also continuing to ask our staff to be careful regarding social contact with groups now that our economy is reopening,” he said.
He also thanked Good Shep-herd residents and their family members for their patience and understanding. “We will continue to communicate with all parties, as further developments arise,” he said.