MARTINSBURG—St. Joseph School in Martinsburg welcomed Angelia Small as the new Little Crusaders teacher. Angelia, who goes by Angie, recently moved from Virginia to the Spring Mills, Md., area with her husband. They successfully raised five children and have been empty-nesters for several years. She earned a Bachelor of Science in child and family welfare from Kaplan University. Her career has taken her in many directions, but it always comes back to children. She finds joy in their presence and delights in their genuineness. She is excited to be the lead teacher for SJS’ 2-year-olds, an age group she considers to be profound. They are like sponges, ready to absorb all that is poured out before them. Angie is dedicated to the social and emotional development of each child. As children are at the beginning of an educational journey, she makes it her personal goal to ensure that each one flourishes from the best care and develops a love for learning that will last. To that end, she hopes to make every day a great one for the children in her class. Knowing that she has taken part in their success fills her with pride and satisfaction. She feels very proud and fortunate to be part of the SJS team.