Huttonsville’s Pastoral Center Renamed the Mary Help of Christians Pastoral Center

HUTTONSVILLE—The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston has announced that the Bishop Hodges Pastoral Center in Huttonsville has been renamed the Mary Help of Christians Pastoral Center. The change has been ratified by Archbishop William E. Lori, apostolic administrator of the diocese.
“This new title better reflects the mission of the center as well as acknowledges where we are at this point in the history of the diocese,” diocesan officials said. “The new title correlates beautifully with the existing Camp Bosco, titled after St. John Bosco.”
Diocesan officials also said the following: Two of the oldest titles of Mary the Church Fathers speak of are “Mother of God” and “Helper”. Through the centuries Mary’s intercession as helper has been sought under the title Help of Christians by many popes and saints, but perhaps no one had greater devotion to her than St. John Bosco who entrusted everything to her and taught others to do the same.
St. John Bosco was known for his dreams and visions. One of his most well known was of the church as a ship with the pope at the helm. The ship was in stormy seas and was being assailed by many persecutions. The only way the ship overcame these trials was through securing itself to the two great pillars rising from the sea; atop the taller pillar was the Eucharist and atop the shorter one was Mary Help of Christians. Of her, St. Bosco was known to say “Have faith in the Blessed Sacrament and Mary Help of Christians and you will see what miracles are!”