Good Shepherd Nursing Home Administrator Offers Good News in Coronavirus Update

WHEELING—Good Shepherd Nursing Home Administrator Donald R. Kirsch announced good news after last week’s coronavirus testing.
“The tests for all Good Shepherd residents and staff are negative for COVID-19,” he said July 27. “We begin the second week of testing today.”
If all tests remain negative, Good Shepherd will be permitted to reopen its building to family member visits. “If this occurs, we will pick a date to reopen and begin making phone calls to families to set up appointments to visit their loved ones,” he said.
“We plan to be open for seven days of visitation and then closed for seven days so that we can monitor residents more closely during the week of no visitation,” he said. “We will repeat this pattern as long as everyone remains healthy.”
He thanked family members for their understanding and promised to continue to keep them updated. He also complimented staff for using proper infection control procedures, the result of which is keeping Good Shepherd residents safe.
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