Food for Life Television Show Touts Healthy Eating

WEST VIRGINIA— Food for Life, a new television program that focuses on organic, locally grown, heirloom, slow foods and biodynamic, among others, debuted Nov. 30 on West Virginia PBS. Sponsored in part by the diocesan Office of Health Ministry, host David Allinder explores what such foods offer in terms of feeling better and being healthy. Allinder also prepares meals that take advantage of these foods in a way that works with hectic schedules, tight budgets and busy families. In the pilot episode, Allinder interviewed staff at Blackberry Meadows Farm to learn how USDA organic farming produces vegetables with higher nutritional values and why organic vegetables cost more than others. He also showed viewers how to make buttermilk, mayonnaise and organic buttermilk ranch dressing—all in less than 10 minutes for one-fifth the price. The program will continue to air in December and January. Check local listings for times and dates. For more information, visit the program’s Web site at