EWTN to Debut New Series for Kids

IRONDALE, Ala.— Eternal World Television Network (EWTN) has commissioned a series of programs about parables for children using original songs, animal and “human” puppets, animation and actors to convey the lessons that Jesus taught. “This series, produced in Spain, represents some of the finest religious programming available for children,” said EWTN President Michael P. Warsaw. “The puppeteering and animation are first-class and an entertaining way for children to begin to grasp the truths of the Gospel message.” A total of 13 episodes have been produced in both English and Spanish, with an option for five more to follow. Each contains a parable, an original music video and the story of a saint who embodies the lesson in the parable. Characters include Father John and his friends: Renata, a girl; Timothy, a mouse; and Leopold, a frog. The entire series will eventually be made available to families, schools and religious education classes through the EWTN Religious Catalogue (www.ewtnreligiouscatalogue.com). Episode 1 of “The Friar,” which was scheduled to air at 9 a.m. ET June 28 and 4 p.m. ET July 31, recounts the story of “The Good Shepherd,” who would lay down his life for his sheep. This episode, which is airing in English, is perfect for conveying Jesus’ love to young children. The program also talks about Our Lady as a shepherdess and presents the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola. At least eight other episodes are expected to air by fall. For more information, visit EWTN’s Web site at www.ewtn.com, which will list times and dates as soon as future episodes are scheduled to air. EWTN Global Catholic Network, in its 27th year, is available in nearly 150 million television households in more than 140 countries and territories. With its direct broadcast satellite television and radio services, AM and FM radio networks, worldwide short-wave radio station, Web site and publishing arm, EWTN is the largest religious media network in the world.