Declaration on Supreme Court decision on DACA, June 18, 2020

Bishop Brennan Statement on Supreme Court DACA decision

I rejoice with the immigrants who live in West Virginia over the recent US Supreme Court decision which rejected the effort of the federal government to put an end to the DACA program. The Court’s decision will give a measure of relief to the young people who were brought without documents to this country by their parents when the children were minors in age. For the moment, these young people do not run the risk of deportation.

However, since the Supreme Court’s decision turned on the government’s failure to follow legal procedures in its eagerness to overturn the DACA program and not on the substance or merits of the program, it is not a sufficient resolution of the dangerous situation in which the affected young people live. It remains for us to advocate again before Congress for the more secure protection that a law would give to that portion of the Dreamers who benefit from DACA. Thank God, the great majority of our country’s citizens support such legislative protection for them. It is time for Congress to approve a just and humane law for these young people, many of whom have never known any other country than the United States.

God has given the world to all human beings. This continent has throughout its history been the destination of immigrants, from the tribes that came from Asia thousands of years ago to those who have come in more recent centuries from other places. The immigrants of today contribute to this country’s wellbeing, just as the immigrants of the past did. They deserve the respect and support of those who were born here. There is need for a comprehensive reform of our immigration laws that will reflect the welcoming and humane values of this nation. May God bless this project in favor of His people.