Charles Town Parishioners Recognized for Their Pro-Life Efforts

At St. James the Greater Parish in Charles Town, parishioners Mary and Charles Edgar were recognized for their Pro-Life efforts. With them is Bishop Mark E. Brennan, left, and retired State Delegate John Overington.(John Sherwood Photo/The Catholic Spirit)

By John Sherwood
CHARLES TOWN — Recently at the Annual International Dinner held at St. James the Greater Parish in Charles Town, Mary and Charles Edgar were recognized for their unwavering efforts in honoring the sanctity of life. The funds raised at the event go to support the Pro-Life ministry. Retired State Delegate John Overington presented them two awards recognizing their over 30 years of dedicated service to this ministry. Bishop Mark Brennan blessed the couple and thanked them for their work and example.
The first award was from West Virginians for Life Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan County chapters. The second was the 2019 First Amendment Recognition from Overington.
The Edgars began their pro-life work in 1988, when they saw the movie Windows to the Womb, one of the first ultrasound movies showing the baby in the womb. At that time, they started going to the abortion facility in Hagerstown five days a week. There they would pray and offer materials about abortion. This work continues today.
The Edgars routinely exercise their first amendment rights by regularly submitting letters to The Journal, published in Martinsburg. Their award from Overington cites: “Their outstanding defense of issues, ideas and values that make up the American Tradition including vigorous defense of the Right to Life. Their articulate and unwavering communication in the media specifically with Letters to the Editor in a positive and constructive way for decades, has been critical in educating the public on this important issue.”
These letters are submitted on a monthly basis. This is the most frequent an individual can submit a letter on a topic to The Journal.
When speaking with Mary and Charles they recount many of their encounters with women presenting themselves to an abortion facility, while they were there; it is recognized that many women will decide not to have an abortion when they are asked to not have it. One such encounter follows: “One day, the ‘mother’ of a couple to whom we had talked to before they went into the ‘abortion mill’ had changed her mind. How we knew she had changed her mind, the male came out after half hour after they went in, and spit in Paul’s face (another volunteer). At that point, I said: “Thank you, Jesus!” Paul made the comment: ‘He spit in my face, not yours!’ I reminded him that we had just saved a baby. Ten minutes later, the mother came out and gave us each a hug and thanked us for the pamphlet we had given to her that explained the progression of her pregnancy. She said that she could never have an abortion, after listening to us and reading the pamphlet.”
In another example a lady came by and stated that she wished that they had been there 10 years ago, when she had her abortion there. They told her to give her baby a name and celebrate his entrance into heaven on the day he was aborted.
The Edgars were very appreciative of the awards and express their appreciation to all who assist in this ministry. Particularly those who travel to the Hagerstown, Md., abortion facility to pray.