Catholic Men

By Tim Bishop WHEELING—“Something moved me. I felt like I was being wasted and I want to get out and help people,” said Ken Staley, member of the Cathedral of St. Joseph and co-founder of the church’s newest men’s group, the Society of St. Joseph. Together with fellow parishioner Chris Bayardi, Staley said the Society of St. Joseph is a Catholic men’s group dedicated to promoting devotion to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church through the intercession of St. Joseph, increased opportunities of service to the parish and the poor and the spiritual development of Catholic men. The goal for the group is for men to come together to talk about things that are important to men, such as families and what is means to be a good husband or a single Catholic man. The group will also talk about how to live chaste, virtuous lives. Chris Bayardi said, “We want to do something to call the men out to lead their families and be leaders. We need a group that is going to encourage men to live holy and virtuous lives through prayer, fraternity and work.” Bayardi continued, “We need to combat the view in society that every man is Homer Simpson. Being a father or husband is not just about putting food on the table. You are also there to make decisions and lead your family to heaven. We are called to be like St. Joseph and be an example of prayer and action for our families.” But this group isn’t just about a monthly meeting. The society also has plans to help those in need by donating their time and talents. Bayardi said, “We want to offer our time and talent because we have it. There are talented men in our parish that do all the things that St. Joseph did.” Staley added, “I just want to be able to help the people that need help. The things that men can do to help, like fix a roof or shovel a side-walk, some of the bigger jobs people may need done. We all have our role to play and we just have to get out and do it.” The first meeting of the Society of St. Joseph will be held Jan. 31 at 6:30 p.m. in the Cathedral of St. Joseph Parish Center. The meeting will start with a prayer and litany to St. Joseph. Staley said, “What better person to model the group off of than St. Joseph. He is the guardian of the holy family. He knew how to use his hands and that’s what we need to do.” The group will then hold devotional meetings on the last Monday of every month. From there, the group will begin going out into the community to help those in need. Staley said, “We want whoever is involved in the group to give us ideas. We all agree that unless a man is asked, they won’t come forward. This is our way of asking the men of our parish for help.” In the future, the two say they would like to see the society expand to include parishes throughout the diocese. Bayardi said, “We hope one day to have a statewide diocesan men’s conference where we can all come together in Christ.” The Society of St. Joseph is open to any male member of any parish in the Wheeling area. To become a member or to suggest a one-day project for the society to take on, call Staley at (304) 243-6894 or e-mail kstaley@dwc. org or Bayardi at (304) 233-4121 or e-mail cbayardi@