Bishop Brennan Celebrates Mass of the Holy Spirit with Wheeling University Community

Bishop Mark E. Brennan joined the students, faculty, staff and Jesuit priests at Wheeling University to celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit. This annual Mass, which is a tra- dition at Jesuit and Catholic insti- tutions, is a time for the community to gather to thank God for the gifts of creation and salvation, and to seek the guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit for the new academic year. Bishop Brennan told the 200- plus members of the Wheeling University community gathered in Troy Theater that he was excited to celebrate the Mass as a community once again. Last year, due to COVID-19, only a limited number of participants were allowed inside the Chapel of Mary and Joseph, with the Mass being streamed for students to watch in various loca- tions around the campus. During his homily, the bishop encouraged those gathered to practice communion with God and with one another. “Wherever you are in your journey, trust that God is calling you to communion with himself and with others,” Bishop Brennan said. “Remember that when you mess up, you’ve got a savior who forgives, shows mercy and strength.” Joining Bishop Brennan on the altar for the Mass of the Holy Spirit were Wheeling University’s Jesuit community – Father Hadi Sasmita, S.J.; Father James Conroy, S.J.; and Father Richard McCouch, S.J. Also present were diocesan clergy Msgr. Eugene Ostrowski, V.G.; Father Cyprian Osuegbu; and Rev. Mr. Douglas Breiding. University President Ginny R. Favede said, “We are grateful to Bishop Brennan for leading our community in prayer once again this year. The Mass is our opportu- nity to ask the Holy Spirit to bless the university community, to be able to see the presence of God in the world and to call on the Holy Spirit to guide us through our ef- forts during the year. It was won-derful for our campus to pray as a community with Bishop Brennan, and rededicate ourselves to Wheel- ing University’s mission.”

Courtesy Photo Bishop Mark E. Brennan celebrates the Mass of the Holy Spirit with members of the Wheeling University community Oct. 1.