Bathrooms Renovated at the Catholic Charities Neighborhood Center

By Mark Phillips, CCWVa Northern Regional Director Thanks to the support of local donors and community partners, the restrooms and showers at the Catholic Charities Neighborhood Center in Wheeling are once again open to neighbors. At the Catholic Charities West Virginia (CCWVa) Shining a Light on Hope Gala in March 2020, local donors pledged over $20,000 to renovate the restrooms at the Neighborhood Center. Due to the pandemic, the renovations were delayed until the beginning of 2021. The restrooms and shower replace the outdoor shower station trailer, which throughout 2020 was located in a parking lot across the street from the Center. While the Neighborhood Center is still closed to the public, showers are available by signing up during breakfast service. The showers are being staffed by CCWVa employees as well as recovery coaches from Project Rebound. Mehdi Ayari, Case Manager for Homeless Outreach at the Neigh- borhood Center, is also available to help neighbors apply for social security or disability, secure an ID or license, and connect to local housing options. “A hot meal or a warm shower may be the beginning of a conversation,” said Ayari, “but hopefully a relationship develops where they trust us to work with them on their journey.” To learn more about Catholic Charities West Virginia, visit The Mission of Catholic Charities West Virginia: Guided by God’s love, Catholic Charities collaborates with community partners, parishes and families to provide caring and compassionate services to people in need and work toward lasting and meaningful change.


Courtesy Photo A neighbor signs up for a shower during breakfast at the Catholic Charities Neighborhood Center.