A Statement from Bishop Brennan

October 31, 2019

Like all my fellow Catholics and residents more broadly throughout the State of West Virginia, I am dismayed by the continued revelations concerning former Bishop Michael Bransfield’s misdeeds, as confirmed by the penalties which the Holy Father has imposed on him, and which continue to be chronicled by the media. It is my highest priority to restore trust in Church leadership and bring about the healing that so many in our Diocese need and desire.

I am currently working to have Bishop Bransfield fulfill Pope Francis’ mandate that he make amends for harm he caused during his tenure in the Wheeling-Charleston Diocese. I hope to communicate soon, both to the Holy Father and to the faithful of the Diocese, a plan for Bishop Bransfield’s amends. While it is not possible to undo all the hurt and disappointment his actions have caused, I believe it is necessary for Bishop Bransfield to accept his moral responsibility and make a fair restitution to the people of the Diocese, for whom he was responsible as their bishop.

As always, I am grateful for your prayers for a just resolution of this matter and for my new ministry among you as your shepherd. May God, who never fails us, bless and sustain you!

Sincerely in Christ,

Bishop Mark E. Brennan