President of Jesuit Conference of U.S. & Canada Addresses WJU Graduates

WHEELING—Wheeling Jesuit University graduates were told their degree is not a model, make or brand, or something that can to be auctioned on e-Bay or appraised for its resale value during the university’s 58th Commencement Ceremony Saturday. Commencement speaker, Father Timothy Kesicki, S.J., president of the Jesuit Conference of the United States and Canada, offered pointers for graduates as they reflect on their Jesuit education. “Jesuit education is well known in the world, especially since the most famous Jesuit, Pope Francis, has become a global figure,” Father Kesicki said. Father Kesicki went on to tell graduates to live AMDG: Ad Maioreum Dei Gloriam, Latin for the “greater glory of God,” and to be men and women for others and to be Magis, Latin for “more.” “The Magis characterizes Jesuit education and is about how you make choices. You will be faced with many choices in the years ahead. Choices about your own family, choices about your work and the many everyday decisions that you will have to make. For St. Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuits, choosing the Magis was about choosing that which would accomplish the greater good and that which would be more pleasing to God. Let the Magis shape your future,” Father Kesicki explained. He commended graduates for going to “all corners of the earth” by bringing hope to those who need it the most. Father Kesicki pointed out the dozens of service trips WJU students embark on each year, accomplishing more than 27,000 service hours and even capturing the momentous NCAA Division II National Championship in volleyball. “You have all in your own way earned the admiration of St. Ignatius Loyola…so what is Jesuit education? You are Jesuit education,” Father Kesicki said. In addition to his address, Father Kesicki received a Doctorate of Humane Letters from the university. The May 7 ceremony brought together hundreds of graduates from 19 states and a dozen countries.